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12 Jun 2014

Palming - The essence of this method is to completely stop the ingress of light on the retina, which will relax the eye muscles. Duke Peterson offers two types of exercise on the principle of palming. Look at any image applied to the paper with a comfortable distance for you. Then close your eyes and try to imagine you seen object. If you did everything correctly, the image reflected by dark contours. This exercise should be repeated as long as the object does not become maximum black. Than darker colors you submit to, the much easier it will be to remember it.


Palming - way to number 2 - Now try to imagine a multi-color palette. The more colors thereon, are the better. Emphasis is put not only the quantity but also on the intensity of each color you want to represent not more than one second. In general, the exercise should last between 5-10 minutes. Duke Peterson recommends that you use this method as often as possible - at any free time. It not only helps to restore vision, but is an excellent prevention of various eye diseases, as well as helps to relieve stress, eye fatigue.


Enable memory – Duke Peterson argues that the quality of vision depends on the mental state of the individual. Therefore, to normalize eye health, it is necessary to normalize and psychological state as excessive excitability leads to the fact that the eye muscles cannot effectively relax. Therefore, it is important to be given memories that help to relax, thereby advancing and improving the ability to see.

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